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The art of event planning is a seamless blend of finely-attuned

service, delectable cuisine, innovation, and ambiance.  

Whether it is a product launch, non-profit gala, or your

wedding day, we understand the importance that details play

in producing the perfect event.

Provide culinary excellence is evident in every bite

Fully customize your menu




Party Trays (Take-away required 1HR in advance ordering)

A  Sushi & Maki(26pcs)  $ 25.95

2 pcs of each Salmon, Red Snapper, Crab Sushi. Salmon Roll, California Roll,Tempura Shrimp Roll

B  Sushi & Maki(52pcs)  $ 49.95

2 pcs of each Salmon, Red Snapper, Tuna, Crab , shrimp Sushi. California Roll;Red Dragon Roll; Spicy white Tuna Roll; Spicy Salmon Roll; Cucumber Roll; Lotus Tokyo Roll.

C  House Special Maki (76pcs)  $ 75.95

Red Dragon; Spicy Dragon; Green Dragon; Gold Dragon; Thai Maki; Rainbow; Lotus California;  Itamae;  Spicy Salmon;  Spicy Tuna

D  Sashimi (48pcs)   $ 65.95

Salmon;  Tuna;  White Tuna;  Surf Clam;  Red Snapper;  Shrimp;  Crab

E  Sashimi & Shushi & Maki(56)$59.95

Salmon, Tuna, Red Snapper Sashimi.  Salmon, Red Snapper, Crab , shrimp Sushi.

Spicy Salmon Roll; Cucumber Roll; California Roll; Red Dragon; Rainbow Roll.

F  Vegetarian  Maki  (36 pcs)  $ 32.95

Cucumber; Pickled Radish; Avocado; Spicy Crispy; Tempura Yam; Mango Cucumber

G  Let’s Party  (120 pcs)           $ 119.95

Chicken Kara-age(20pes)  Deep Fried Chicken Wings(20pcs)  Breaded Shrimp(20pcs)

Tempura Calamary(20pcs)  Spring Roll(20pes)   Tempura Scallops(20pcs)

Sauces Come With: *Smoked Lime Tequila  *Hot Buffalo  *Honey Garlic  *Tempura

H  Vegetable Fried Rice Tray $ 32.95

I   Chicken Fried Rice Tray     $ 35.95

J   Beef Fried Rice Tray           $ 35.95

K  BBQ Eel Fried Rice Tray     $ 39.95

L  Vegetable Fried Udon Tray $32.95

M  Chicken Fried Udon Tray   $ 35.95

N  Beef Fried Udon Tray          $ 35.95

O  Shrimp Dumplings(25pcs)       $ 22.95

P   Pork Dumplings(Shu Mai)(25pcs)$22.95

Q  ShangHai XiaoLong Bu(25pcs)$22.95

R  Thai Mango Salad Tray         $32.95